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Mark Fredenberg can see through walls.

No, he's not Superman. And he doesn't have X-ray vision. But he does have a blower door which he uses to find hidden holes in your home's walls, ceilings and floors. Places where air escapes, resulting in higher heating and cooling bills.

Fredenberg's business, EMF Home Consultants in Cottage Grove, was launched in 1991. It is a State certified home inspection business, and energy consulting firm accredited through the Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation. He works with Homeowners and Realtors, inspecting homes to uncover defects, safety concerns, maintenance issues as well as where changes can be made to improve energy efficiency. He has worked for more than a decade with the Wisconsin's Energy Star program and has conducted energy audits for nearly 1,000 new and existing homes.

The number one issue that he finds regarding home energy efficiency is air sealing. "If you know where the leaks are you can seal them up, but you often don't know where they are so that's where the blower door test comes in." A blower door is a devise that blows air out of the house. This allows to Fredenberg to see areas where air is being sucked in through joints, cracks and crevasses. "People are always amazed as they walk around and feel the drafts coming in from the windows, doors, and unexpected places."

It's important to have a strong attention to detail when building a house, says Fredenberg. "You leave a little hole in a wall and you don't think much about it because it's just a little hole. From a thermal standpoint you're not loosing much heat as hot goes to cold. But it makes a big difference from a pressure standpoint; it's much like the wind filling the sails on a sail boat. On a windy day, there's pressure on your outer walls and that pressure on the same little one inch hole is going to be huge. There's a lot of air trying to push through that hole, and not just the air, but moisture is also coming through. So now you are getting potential condensation issues with mold inside of the wall in that area."

Fredenberg says fixing these issues starts with giving people solid solutions they can use. "I enjoy educating people about energy issues and showing them how much they can save by taking simple steps. When that light goes on in their mind and they say, 'oh, I can do this' or 'I definitely want to get that done', it's priceless."

Along with that education comes giving the homeowner options. Using years of construction know-how coupled with the latest technology, Fredenberg is able to deliver energy analysis reports that offer multiple options to help homeowners budget their annual energy costs. For instance the homeowner might think that they are loosing all their energy through their windows, but the blower door test finds that the windows are actually doing a good job. Now that $20,000 they were going to spend on windows can be better used for insulation and other cost effective improvements. "Your home is system made up of many components interacting with each other. Changing one component may actually cause problems elsewhere. So I bring to each home a visual assessment of its components, and make recommendations prioritized and inline with these component relationships based on Building Science, not sales opinions."

Making improvements in the right places saves money up front and for years to come. It's good advice that EMF Home Consultants brings to homeowners as well as home builders. Fredenberg's consulting work extends to contractors throughout central Wisconsin, ensuring that they have the knowledge they need to build efficiency into new construction. "I can educate the builder on how he's thinking about energy issues instead of just getting the house built," says Fredenberg. "We want to build a house that's safe, durable, comfortable and efficient. The Building Science professionals have made great advances in looking at a home as a system. The component relationships have been tried and tested, and we get to reap the benefits." We can truly say, "We build better, and we can prove it. So, let's meet the budget, and make lifetime relationships."

Building a good home that will be there for generations to come is important to Fredenberg. That is also how he approaches building customer relationships. Honesty is at the foundation of his work and he says he always tells the customer the truth and what he can and cannot do. "For example, I realize the seller says this is a new furnace, but it is running strange, let's get the heating contractor in to assess repairs and costs. I know people in about all the trades to get opinions or bids."

It's more than just being a good business man for Fredenberg. It's about doing right by God. "People ask me what God has to do with business, and my answer is that God has everything to do with anything that I'm involved in. So when I started this company I said if I don't bring honor to God by honoring people then I failed. When I say something, I'm going to back it up with my word." It's what he calls, "making things right" and it is part of doing business at EMF Home Consultants. Check us out at www.EMFhomeConsultants.com

Home Inspecting

Located in the Madison, Wisconsin area, Mark and Elizabeth Fredenberg established EMF Home Consultants as a Pre-purchase Inspection and Rental Property Weatherization company in 1991.

Mark says, 'Elizabeth let me quit my full time job with all the benes, so she gets top billing as the 'E' in EMF". We bought our first home, a 2100 sf Victorian Style two story in Stoughton, WI for $37k. What a price, yes but what a lot of work! After 7 years of remodeling work by Mark, it was time to start building a new home. The two boys needed room to run in the country, so I general contracted, with the help of brother Dale (Fredenberg Construction Custom Homes) our new home in Cottage Grove. We have been here now since 1993 and love it.'

God has blessed us with good decisions, good family and friends. Our business clients and associates are treated like we are all on the same team, after a common goal. So if you are looking for contentment and peace of mind, you will find it here with EMF.

- 12.14.2017
Thank you Mark. It makes me feel good hearing that from you.
The report is great! Love the pictures and comments.
Thank you, again, for taking the time and doing a thorough job during the inspection.I appreciate it greatly!
Darlene Blankenship
Administrative Assistant

- 11.1.2017 Ryan Horzzo writes,
Thank you again Mark. It was a very comprehensive inspection.

- 10.27.2017
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- 8.1.2017 Anthony Galston writes,
Katie and I just want to thank you for doing the inspection. You were very thorough and helpful in explaining maintenance in certain areas of the house.

- 7.11.2017
Thinking about a Remodel Project? Give me a call for some "third party" ideas.

- 1.4.2016
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- 8.18.2015
Ann Tennies writes about their Home Inspection:"Thanks again, Mark. I really appreciate your patience and expertise. I'm sure we took up more of your time than normal."

- 1.6.2015
Shelby Van Engel writes about their Home Inspection: "Thank you so much for all of your help! You did a great job for us, I'd recommend you're services to anyone!"

- 1.2.2015
Builder Tax Incentives passed Congress for Energy efficient Homes!

- 5.1.2014
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- 11.13.2013
Rob France writes, "Thanks Mark, I was impressed, and really appreciate, your thorough inspection of the house".

- 6.20.2013
"Mark, Thanks for your help and thoroughness. My Buyer�s Agent was very impressed as well. Your integrity and Godliness show!" Marilyn Hanson

- 4.30.2013
"Hi Mark! Thank YOU for the most excellent job that you did with inspection on my place! I am impressed!...Thanks a million!" Mary K. Mittelstadt

- 10.28.2011
"Ali and I just wanted to say thank you for the home inspection you conducted for us a couple of weeks ago. I think we kept you longer than is typical, so please know that we really appreciate the time you took to answer all of our questions." Vivian Lin

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