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EMF Home Consultants, Inc. BBB Business Review
- 12.14.2017
Thank you Mark. It makes me feel good hearing that from you.
The report is great! Love the pictures and comments.
Thank you, again, for taking the time and doing a thorough job during the inspection.I appreciate it greatly!
Darlene Blankenship
Administrative Assistant

- 11.1.2017 Ryan Horzzo writes,
Thank you again Mark. It was a very comprehensive inspection.

- 10.27.2017
Vermiculite in your Attic? Check out funding available for removal and re-insulation - Click on the word below (The text click takes you elsewhere):

- 8.1.2017 Anthony Galston writes,
Katie and I just want to thank you for doing the inspection. You were very thorough and helpful in explaining maintenance in certain areas of the house.

- 7.11.2017
Thinking about a Remodel Project? Give me a call for some "third party" ideas.

- 1.4.2016
Happy New Year. Write down 3 things that would help you come alive if they were to come about!

- 8.18.2015
Ann Tennies writes about their Home Inspection:"Thanks again, Mark. I really appreciate your patience and expertise. I'm sure we took up more of your time than normal."

- 1.6.2015
Shelby Van Engel writes about their Home Inspection: "Thank you so much for all of your help! You did a great job for us, I'd recommend you're services to anyone!"

- 1.2.2015
Builder Tax Incentives passed Congress for Energy efficient Homes!

- 5.1.2014
Like Miles per Gallon for a car, now unfolding Home Energy Rating Service (HERS) for New and existing Homes !!!!!!! can be found at:
HERS Rating

- 11.13.2013
Rob France writes, "Thanks Mark, I was impressed, and really appreciate, your thorough inspection of the house".

- 6.20.2013
"Mark, Thanks for your help and thoroughness. My Buyer�s Agent was very impressed as well. Your integrity and Godliness show!" Marilyn Hanson

- 4.30.2013
"Hi Mark! Thank YOU for the most excellent job that you did with inspection on my place! I am impressed!...Thanks a million!" Mary K. Mittelstadt

- 10.28.2011
"Ali and I just wanted to say thank you for the home inspection you conducted for us a couple of weeks ago. I think we kept you longer than is typical, so please know that we really appreciate the time you took to answer all of our questions." Vivian Lin

- Sept 2009
- EMF Awarded GreenMax Home Project! How do we get homes to consume less energy? By building 'Super Tech' systems into them. Check it out at GreenMax Home

The Star of Bethlehem was what? A Star, a comet, a meteor, a fairy tale story...

- 3.23.2008:
Searching for Answers to the 'Big questions of Life'? Is this the right House,...Job,...Friend? What's my purpose, how will it all turn out,...

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